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Things I Have Generated

In addition to being the developer of this project I am also a user of it.

Here are a list of the items that I have generated:
  • Sharepoint Content Type and Field defintions (as feature.xml)
  • Table creation scripts
  • Index creation scripts
  • Trigger creation scripts
  • Monorail Model components
  • Monorail Controller components

The real benefit of this is that you can create a whole project worth of identically structured files.
Any improvements that you think of will be applied everywhere.
You end up with very consistent code and the business analysts can keep changing their minds and you are not driven to distraction!

The only catch I have found is getting the whitespace to work properly. The trick is to use <xsl:value-of select="' '"/> between consectutive xslt tags where you want a space.

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