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Design Philosophy

This tool will be as simple as possible without compromising the power available.

Nothing is hidden behind a gui - anything that you do can be done on the command line.
There are plenty of codegen tools out there that have a very high startup cost.
The only price for this one is that you must learn some xlst.

Debugging can be done using the tool itself - simplify your problem into an xml document and a transform and solve it one item at a time.

The entire power of xslt is at your disposal.

Earlier versions of what inspired this required separate tools or documents for the creation of the specific data.
The original part is allowing you to supply xslt template parameters on the command line!
Everything changes once you can do that! All else is detail.

The project will supply additional functionality and bundle the same tool in other forms but the templates will always be transferable between versions.

If you don't like the .Net basis of this project then feel free to port it to another platform.
I can see this same idea working in Ruby or Java. The syntax would remain the same!

The templates and model are yours to define and extend however you wish.

Just because my examples all use batch files don't feel constrained - these are lowest common denominator examples - feel free to use Nant, MSBuild, Powershell, boo, perl whatever floats your boat.
The codegen tool even returns errorcode on failure so you can make the batch files even more sophisticated if you want to.

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